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DavehasWingz x Solefood Brand: ULA Pack

For a couple years myself and Professor Jemayne L. King, Owner of Solefood Brand, spoke about collaborating on some merchandise. King has always used Solefood as a means of expression whether through the original text, a collection of poems about sneaker culture or through his garments. The garments he produces often have motifs and pay homage to people or media that influenced his love for different cultural elements.

Sitting back and watching an episode of my favorite TV show, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - I was struck with the perfect idea to align both brands. From a short text message conversation after that and a series of meetings the ULA Pack was born. 

We landed on the iconic Peacock Paraphernalia from the ULA Bookstore. If you recall there are a series of episodes beginning in Season 4 where Will and Carlton first attend ULA and work in the bookstore "the Peacock" - This was something that occurred through their matriculation at the fictional institution. From then on the pieces we replicated can be seen in multiple episodes. We were happy to come up with something a bit more modern but still tied to the original designs that could been seen on the show. 

A big thanks to all who took part in making this drop a success - We released the pack online for pre-order about two months ago and made the official release at the Continuum Pop Up Shop I hosted for my birthday in July. You can pick up a few select sizes in the DavehasWingz Online Shop. Please enjoy some shots from the lookbook, shot by yours truly, which displays a little bit of what campus life can be like - Peace! 

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