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Fresh Air

I've spent my first two years out of college trying to figure out exactly what it is I want to do. I've worked in corporate america, dabbled in entrepreneurship, and even assisted others in the creative and entrepreneurial journeys. For now I've taken on the mindset to pursue happiness (within reason). 

Of course, I'd love to get paid to lay around, play my PS2, watch my Fresh Prince DVDs, and take photography gigs at my leisure but I am a couple of rich parents and a trust fund away from that lifestyle. So, until my fairy godparents magically appear to grant that wish I'll do what I have to support myself and making a living. Even if it means taking pictures of family and children for 8 to 10 hours a day so I can shoot creative work in my free time. I'm blessed to even be in that position at this point - I spent the first year and a half e-mailing customers and looking spreadsheets in a supply-chain cubicle. I could feel myself dying - I am so happy those days are over. I hope no one reading this is torturing yourself in that manner - its cruel and unusual. 

We all need "fresh air" - new opportunities, new adventures, and new surroundings. Some of them come as a result of jobs and pure luck but there are a certain types of opportunities - the ones you REALLY want that come from the sheer will to create them. This applies to all aspects of your life - personal, financial, professional, spiritual, etc. The way information is distributed in this digital era allows for a large lack of context and understanding. The way it's presented will have you believe half of us are broke and having the time of our lives and the other half is chained to a desk wishing you were "living" , and while there are several people in both situations, no matter how you slice it we're only getting part of the story from your friend's social media to mass media and news outlets. The key to navigating this maze is self-awareness, go with what makes you comfortable. If you're cool with be a vagabond and having the time of your life or you want to have a little more structure in your day pursue those things but always remember to come up for fresh air.