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Showroom Gallery // Opening Day [Feb 28th - 2pm]


My good friend Marco Matthews [@BlameMarco] is just over twenty-four hours from opening his venue the Showroom Gallery here in Charlotte. We've had several conversation about this moment prior to its existence and its a pleasure to see someone I know embark upon  a new journey such as this one. Here are a few things that that you can expect to see when the venue opens on tomorrow. 

Featured Artists

The Showroom Gallery is technically a multi-disciplinary space - meaning you can throw or host almost any event that you would like inside of the space with a few exceptions. However, its a space rooted and based in creativity therefore the following artists have been confirmed to be exhibiting for the opening: Dammit Wesley, Kyle Mosher, X The Artist, Mary Nunez, Noah Valentim, and I would be surprised to see some of Marco's work as well. Some of those are instagram names so feel free to do your research.

Exclusive Merchandise

Marco moves very swiftly and quietly - but every once in a while he'll give you a taste of what he's thinking about next. I spoke with him via text yesterday about the picture he leaked below. Sooo yeah - I'm just going to leave this right here and all ima say is keep an eye out for these carry ons. 

Networking, Positivity, & Good Vibes

It's what some would consider a "prime time" in Charlotte right now, considering the CIAA Basketball Tournament is taking place in uptown. Given the Showroom Gallery's location and reputation of the individuals involved there will probably be a lot of love and good networking from different circles at this event. Come ready to meet some folks, exchange some contacts, and plan to help boost the culture in the city.