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The Endternet Pop Up Shop // A Recap

First, I want to thank anybody that used their time and or energy to make this concept happen. When I sit back and thing about the number of hands we had on deck to make this run smoothly, I'm humbled. From design and producing the clothing, to shooting the lookbook, to the blogs that posted, to the performances, and my amazing food sponsor - I'm really grateful by the love and support. 

We couldn't have asked for a better night to make this happen - The weather was clear, the venue was full, and vibes were amazing. I put this event together to provide and alternative platform that touches multiple elements of the culture and create experience that just wasn't a concert performance.The theme throught the venue was consistent w/ the ideals of the Psuedo Collection. Those themes were only furthered through the performances delivered by OneWayTicket, Rodd.D, and NiGEHOOD. Big shoutout to all of those guys for tearing it down. We had about 100+ people come out and we're only looking to improve that number moving forward. Also, if you haven't had a chance to eat Wingzza ... Well, you might wanna make that happen. 

So, this event had a lot of people asking .... "What's next?". I can't really say for sure - I will say there is a large chance I will be taking the time to revamp this model and bring it back a little more refined. Additionally, I'll be looking to extend the platform to more brands, vendors, DJs, and artists. We'll keep them very experienced based and not just "concert based". My goal is for you to come to this event and even if you never understood what this arts and underground culture is about you'd leave with a better understanding. We're tackling all five senses with every show and you should leave feeling rejuvenated, optimistic, and creative about whatever it is you're passionate about. Thank you to everyone involved here once again. I can't ask for a better platform then the one we're curating in Charlotte. 

All Photos and Video Courtesy of Lex Kimbrough & Charlie BZO