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The Dotted Line | 004: Matt Olin

If you follow me on snapchat *coughs username: DavehasWingz coughs* you know I've been attending Creative Mornings rather consistently over the last few months. It's currently a free monthly event series that happens in 100+ places across the world. A theme selected by one of its chapters and each chapter is charged with creating a morning event around that theme. It normally has free breakfast and great energy. All it's going to cost you is a little will to get out of the bed the week before to RSVP (they go fast) and a little more will to actually make the ven that has a 8:30 am starting time. 

 Charlotte's chapter [@CM_CLT] started a little over five months ago and I had an opportunity to sit down with the man who is responsible for us having that chapter, Matt Olin [@MattOlinCreates]. I won't belabor the point we talk about a number of different topics - Enjoy the conversation and head over theSignatureSeries.Co and sign up for our newsletter. 

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