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H1gher, IllVibe-TheTribe, & Fake Race

Photo Courtesy of Ill Vibe The Tribe

Photo Courtesy of Ill Vibe The Tribe

If you have been looking at my site for any length of time of done any digging you'd notice I am a big supporter of H1gher Learning. H1gher is a non-profit based in Charleston, SC that uses hip hop and sneaker culture to teach life skills to the youth. Well here is another opportunity to support KJ Kearney [@H1gher] and his board - They've teamed up with a number of different sponsors to produce "Fake Race" which is a "marathon/work-out themed trap music dance party" - try saying that one 5 times fast.

Essentially this is another way KJ is making all his worlds collide while raising funds fo his org - All the info on the event can be found at and you can find out more about KJ's worlds in his recent interview with multi-media collective and Fake Race Co-Hosts IllVibe-TheTribe