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Toure' Ali | #27Gallery

There is a gentleman currently residing in Greensboro, NC by the name of Toure' Ali who is a photographer/designer by trade. I noticed his work because we have mutual friends and have been following him closely ever since. He'll be graduating from NC A&TSU in May but his work is well beyond what you see from most agencies in the area. We met in person for the first time at the Tory Lanez show in December.

Toure' is an exceptional creative with a great eye for aesthetic so I was excited when he announced he was curating a gallery show in Downtown Greensboro. This is definitely set to be a premium experience - He'll be showcasing works from his personal collection, there will be set design, 2 music sets, and a pop up from SPXRK USA. This is where you can purchase tickets to attend: - Trust this isn't something to miss. Also you can enjoy the digital experience before hand via snapchat by scanning the code above.