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#BlackDadsCLT | The Continuum Dad Hat x Heart Meter

What's good everybody - I hope you all are having a great summer and things are steadily progressing on whatever you may be working on. Just wanted to take a second a let you guys know what I have going on with this latest merch drop.

I've been wanting to get back into the merchandise for a while but I didn't just want to release it by doing something normal. I've been really trying to see what I can do to be a little more strategic and impactful with my thoughts and actions the last few months. During this time I've been hitting different meet-ups and events around the city to meet some new people and see what other people in the area were doing to contribute to what's bubbling here. 

I met Andrew Jenkins through a mutual friend and saw him again at one of these events where we were able to talk a little more in-depth about his organization, [Heart Meter], and what their mission was.  It resonated with me because I am a bit of a gamer and I think we all have at some point or another been affected by the reach of chronic and terminal illnesses. 

I've been sitting on this black on black hat idea for almost a year and I felt this would be a dope way to celebrate father's day and help families who might be going through a tough time. I appreciate everyone who's been showing support for the initiative thus far and look forward to what we can do in this pre-order window! 

Remember there are TWO WAYS you can get involved: 

(1) Pre-ordering / purchasing a hat from and proceeds will be forwarded to Heart Meter or (2) Drop off your  new and used video game titles to the Heart Meter drop off point inside Hygge Co-Working and you will receive a discount code to purchase “the Continuum Dad Hat” online. Those who are dropping off should attach their name, email address, and a list of titles donated to your package to receive your discount code.

Thanks again everybody and see you around - Peace!