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#BIYDIY Charlotte // the Recap

First and foremost let me say that this flyer is effin legendary so shoutout to Matt for killin' it. Aight, now that we have that out of the way you can keep reading. 

About three weeks ago Charlotte played host as a stop on the Believe In Yourself, Do It Yourself Tour [BIDIY]. This project was the brain child of Stonie Blue [@AntBlueJr] & American Matthew [@MatthewTCR] as a method to create for the sake of creating. Often times many projects are limited in their scope OR never occur at all because profit is often used as a measure for success. In order to eliminate the burden that money creates Stonie and Matt set out to perform for FREE on a 30 day long voyage with 10 stops - add a documentary shot by Elijah Craig [@ElijahbyDesign] and BOOM, BIYDIY is born. Peep this interview with Whip Radio on their Philly stop to get a little more detail direct from the homies themselves.

I can't thank the homie Dex and the crew over at the Joint Off 36th for the way they finessed this set up! It's always good to have homies you can call on when you need to get ish done. The night was pretty ill - the joint set that Matt & Stonie put together was hella tight and they covered all genres: indie, soul, hip hop, trap, etc. The vibes were at an all time high and the crowd was very receptive! 

I was extremely proud of our city for the love that it showed on this night, Word spread fast and we only promoted for about a week and half - probably less. Nights like this go to show that there is love out here and despite the bumps in the road people have with each other along the way, our city is continuing to develop a culture of it's own. We just need to keep building!

Events like this are an exact representation of what can happen with the proper use of the internet and making real connections with genuine people. All and all I'm just excited to have been apart of such an ill concept - I want to thank my boy Jenks [@BOSSKoolest] for presenting me with the opportunity of bringing these guys to Charlotte and I want to thank anyone that helped in facilitating, promoting, and documenting this moment in our culture. Looking forward to many more nights like this one! Make sure you peep my Instant Film page to check out some more captures from BIYDIY Charlotte!