Analogue Luxury


Dallas \\ My Personal Blue Print Pt. 1

Almost two months ago I patted myself on the back for quitting my corporate job by taking a trip I couldn't afford to a city I knew little to nothing about. I learned a lot about myself, had a great time, and I'll never use Expedia to book another trip. For months Ashely and I had been talking about going somewhere random just to peep the culture and get ourselves into some new surroundings. I spent the holiday season on the tail end of my corporate gig and starting a retail gig to hopefully provide some base of income for my leap into full time creativity. Ash has been working retail basically since she touched down in Charlotte after graduation and we were both ready for a change of pace. 

We chose Dallas for a few reasons but mainly because I had been wanting to interview some folks that I have followed on social media for a few years now, I've supported their projects by purchasing clothing and other merch and really just wanted to meet the brains behind the operation. That interview will be dropping soon - eventually. Anyway, we made it to the airport after a hectic morning scramble of breakfast and last minute packing only to find I left  leaving my ID at the house *nervous laugh* ... my bad. Good thing we don't live that far from the airport, haha. We got to our gates minutes before boarding started and a little over two hours later we were in the great state of Texas.


We learned that they really do everything bigger in Texas including the airport taxes and fees on rental cars. We were greeted with a big amount of extra costs that we hadn't budgeted for but there really isn't too much you can do a thousand miles from home. Little did we know that would be the tip of the iceberg with getting settled in. We made our commute from the airport into Downtown Dallas and after circling the block a few times it was apparent that there was something weird going on with the hotel we were supposed to be booked in. Turns out Expedia booked our room in a hotel that had recently went out of business. Luckily the property manager of the luxury condos that purchased the hotel was kind enough to let us post up in their lobby until we put Expedia in the hot seat long enough to get us a new hotel room. 

After finally settling in, we were on a conquest for snackage and travel size toiletries. We were looking for Walmart and landed in Target where we were quickly introduced to recently passed environmental awareness tax of 5 cents for all plastic bags when purchasing something from a store. Apparently this was a new city ordinance that was passed days before our arrival. Some convenience stores were charging as much as 20 cents for bags. Needless to say we carried a lot of things by hand or just added them to our book bags after purchasing.  It was a rocky start but we did arrive safely and thats all that mattered. After such an eventful day we decided to order pizza, call it a night, and save the adventures for the days ahead.