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#DWTIC Exhibition Playlists

In an effort to bring everyone in on the amazing NC hip hop scene we're representing through the "Don't Wait Til Its Cool" Exhibition - Chanel from NC Always has curated two playlists. One playlist contains music from emcees and producers who are the subjects of the photographs from the exhibition. The second playlist is a compilation of other hip hop music from around the state. You can enjoy both below or on the soundcloud app! 

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Don't Wait Til Its Cool: North Carolina Hip Hop Photo Exhibition

North Carolina Always in collaboration with Analogue Luxury is pleased to present a group photography exhibition of new works featuring North Carolina photographers. ‘Don’t Wait Til It’s Cool’ - Titled after a quote from Charlotte rapper, Elevator Jay, "Don't Wait Till It's Cool to Rep the Carolina's", This exhibition examines the development of hip-hop as an art form and the pride North Carolinian Hip-Hop Artists have for their state and respective communities.

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The Backdrop: Jonathan T. McLean Jr.

Jonathan T. McClean Jr. (@J__Clean) is a creative based in Los Angeles, California, USA - He has experience in marketing, social strategy, and art direction for a number of notable brands in sphere of media, sneakers, and fashion. One our most recent visit to LA he gave us a look into his world via his home decor and closet showing a few of his favorite collectibles. 

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