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Very excited for our feature in Creative Loafing, Charlotte - We sat down to talk about the past, present, and future of Analogue Luxury - Many thanks to Ryan Pitkin and the team at Creative Loafing! Many thanks to Ryan Pitkin and the rest of the team! 

CL: How did the idea come about for Analogue Luxury?

DAVE: It goes back to my 2014 book release, because I documented that whole book release on instant film; it was a Fuji Film Instax camera, it wasn't like a traditional Polaroid like I'm shooting now. I had bought a 100 pack and took pictures of everything that was going on at the show, as people were interacting with the book, etc. So I had those images in a plastic bag and I was looking at it one day and I was like, "This should be my next book." So those seeds go back to 2014-15.

CL: But instead of a book, you created a new brand. How did that develop?

DAVE: I was like, "I need to stay creative, and I still love photography, but I'm not trying to do it in a way that requires me to edit photos or anything like that. I want it to just be natural, quick, instinctual." And the idea of doing that Polaroid book, it just came back to me. I added on disposable film as well, just because it's a little more of a throw-away medium. So the brand itself is based in disposable film and Polaroid film.

So I'm just living life, going to shows, still supporting the scene, doing different things, taking photos, documenting all these experiences, and then allowing those photos to either be translated into fine art that physically goes on people's walls, or to inspire collections and garments. Everything is going to be based on the photos. I'm looking at the photos, I'm living with them, and they're either going to be to the quality where I can let that hang on somebody's wall, or just a thought process where it's going to inspire some type of garment or some type of fixture to go in somebody's house, from a coffee mug to a pillow or whatever.


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