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Don't Wait Til Its Cool: North Carolina Hip Hop Photo Exhibition

Flyer Images by Kevin "Surf" Mitchell

Flyer Images by Kevin "Surf" Mitchell

North Carolina Always in collaboration with Analogue Luxury is pleased to present a group photography exhibition of new works featuring North Carolina photographers. ‘Don’t Wait Til It’s Cool’ showing in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Camp North End studio gallery, BLKMRKTCLT, 1824 Statesville Avenue, Suite 106, Charlotte, North Carolina on Sunday, July 15th from 4:00 – 7:30 p.m

Also showing as a public space installation in collaboration with "Third Friday Art Walks" on, July 20, 2018 in Alleyway 25 and 26 (beside restaurant Alley Twenty Six), 320 E Chapel Hill St, Durham, NC 27701.  


Fifteen photographers will be featured in the show: Orchid Chamblee, Joseph “Headgraphix” Headen, Johnny Lee Chapman III, Saloan Goodwin, Chris Charles, Blaine Butler, Tre Bravo, Phillip Loken, Dave Butler, Will Jenkins, Tory Silinski, Myles Harris, Kevin “Surf” Mitchell, Dj Pauly Guwop, and the curator Chanel A. Nestor. The exhibition "Don't Wait Til It's Cool", explores the relationship between North Carolina's hip-hop culture, music venues, and the various photographers that capture those artists on stage and beyond. This exhibition will feature photographic works from artists that have supported North Carolina’s Hip Hop Community through their lenses.

Titled after a quote from Charlotte rapper, Elevator Jay, "Don't Wait Till It's Cool to Rep the Carolina's", 'Don't Wait Til It's Cool' examines the development of hip-hop as an art form and the pride North Carolinian Hip-Hop Artists have for their state and respective communities.

This exhibit will feature photographs of 9th Wonder, Rapsody, Phonte, Big Pooh, Lute, Elevator Jay, Deniro Farrar, Well$, Pierce Freelon, Ace Henderson, The Real Laww, and more.

We hope to invoke discussion about the role of photography in a music artist's development, arts placemaking, and hip-hop's representation in the public arts sector.

‘Don’t Wait Til It’s Cool’ will only be available for viewing in Charlotte on July 15, 2018 beginning at 4:00 and in Durham on July 20, 2018 beginning at 7pm. For additional information please contact Chanel A. Nestor, 336-776-8652 or email

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