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Creating Space: An Indegogo Journey! #60DaysToRaise15K

We soft launched in November of 2017 with a much bigger vision in mind. We didn't realize how big the vision would become but we're definitely ok with chasing our ideas at the height of their potential. We want to provide really great products but we also realized we could make a difference in our own backyard. As of today we are raising funds via Indegogo for a showroom and studio space that will provide a brand experience while giving creatives the tools needed to sustain their creativity via business principles. 

David Butler (DavehasWingz) - Analogue Luxury, Owner // Operator // Artist /// 

David Butler (DavehasWingz) - Analogue Luxury, Owner // Operator // Artist /// 

the Analogue Luxury studio as a space that will be used not only as a proper showroom and design office for the brand but a place that gives business tools to creatives. We will consistently be facilitating workshops and events  critical to helping set the framework and infrastructure for creatives in Charlotte, NC. 

1. Studio // Showroom

Home decor and fine art can be tricky to sell - Patrons like to experience these items in a way to help the envision pieces in their space. There will be a series of installations (i.e. mock living rooms, office layouts, etc.) to help potential customers interact and make purchasing decisions. 

2. Workspace // Design Studio

The future of Analogue Luxury is not limited to the production and distribution of tangible goods. There is an opportunity to provide creative services with a novel twist as we plan to apply the thought processes and aesthetic developed through working with analogue mediums. This space will serve as a headquarters for these operations. 

3.  Workshops // Gallery Space

Artists and creatives need the opportunity to grow. Currently, Charlotte has no space that fosters the education and experiences for emerging artists. Galleries, residencies, fellowships, etc. require a set of experiences and knowledge that are not readily available to all artists and creatives. Analogue Luxury's studio will be a place for solidified emerging artists to gain the formal knowledge and experience necessary to push them to the next level in theory and in practice.

Check out our campaign video above and also check out the full campaign page for incentives and exclusive products that we're only giving to campaign contributors! Of course any additional business helps us as well so be sure to check out our shop as well!  

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